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Want to work in Tourism and Hospitality?

Find all our opportunities online or through our networking events, and meet your chance. Your career in Portugal starts with Bolsa de Empregabilidade.

Your next opportunity might be here:

Job Fairs

In these events, hundreds of companies in Tourism and Hospitality are recruiting and looking for potential candidates. You can talk to the HR representatives, deliver your curriculum and ask any questions.

Recruiting Platform

Throughout the year, you can also search for jobs online, focused on the area of Tourism and Hospitality that interests you. Thousands of job offers will be available, such as curricular and professional internships or full-time and part-time jobs. You can explore all the options.

Workshops and Courses

Soon, there will be several workshops and courses in which you can participate to update your professional skills.

Do you want to meet directly with recruiters?

No more doing refresh on the email page from minute to minute. No more waiting for the “yes” that might never come. By participating in the Top Hiring Hub of Portugal in Tourism you will stand out from thousands of candidates that apply for the same job and show off all your skills, assets, and brilliant personality. 

The Bolsa de Empregabilidade organizes job fairs every year with the goal in mind to bring candidates and Tourism companies together. This year there will be three different locations for these events: Algarve, Porto, and Lisbon. 

Find a job in these areas

Next Job Fairs and Events

Stand out in the recruiting process by meeting recruiters face-to-face at our job fairs.
Bola de Empregabilidade no Algarve
Bolsa de Empregabilidade | Algarve
Bola de Empregabilidade em Lisboa
Bolsa de Empregabilidade | Lisboa
Bola de Empregabilidade no Porto
Bolsa de Empregabilidade | Porto

Looking for a job online?

Tired of spending hours scrolling through sites while looking for a job in the area of Tourism? In the Recruiting Platform of Bolsa de Empregabilidade, you will find it easier and faster. 

An easier way to manage your job applications