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Increase your chances of being hired at our events

Be face-to-face with recruiters, stand out in the recruitment process, shaking hands with whoever is hiring you and create a network of contacts with Tourism and Hospitality professionals.

Upcoming Fairs/Events

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No matter how many applications you send, you can't get a “yes”?

In a world where demand often exceeds supply, it is frustrating to be able to stand out among the thousands of candidates applying for the same vacancy as us. This usually translates into an exhausting process, with a lot of time spent refreshing the email, waiting for a response that never arrives.

With the Bolsa de Empregabilidade physical job fairs, we wanted to create a space where candidates have the opportunity to increase their likelihood of being hired by being face-to-face with HR representatives who are recruiting. We want you to be recognized by name and not by a generic email, forgotten in the recruiters' inbox.

"At the Bolsa de Empregabilidade I managed to stop being “just another email” that HR Directors receive daily."
Maria Sesinando, Tourism Professional

Why will our job fairs guarantee you your next job?

Main companies in the sector present to hire

The companies that hire with us are some of the most relevant in the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Portugal and in the world.​

Proximity to Human Resources managers​

At our fairs you have the opportunity to be face-to-face with the hiring managers of the companies present.

History with +25,000 candidates who have already applied for the Bolsa de Empregabilidade to find a job​

Since 2016, we have been matching candidates looking for work with companies looking for candidates to work.​

Physical job fairs of Bolsa de Empregabilidade currently take place in 5 locations: Porto, Centro, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve. In any of them you will find a selection of companies recruiting for different areas of the Tourism sector. From hotels, tourist entertainment, restaurants, among others. Each company is represented by its Human Resources managers, who will be there to interact with you and answer questions about available vacancies. Participation in the fairs is free, subject to prior registration.

Get notified when applications open for job fairs.

Upcoming fairs & events

Stand out in the recruiting process by meeting recruiters face-to-face at our physical job fairs.
Parque das Nações
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Get notified when applications open for job fairs.