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How to search for jobs online in tourism and hospitality?

Looking for a new opportunity that matches your skills and career goals? Discover how to find a job online with the Employment Exchange Platform and optimize your search!

Looking for a job can be a time-consuming and demanding process. But today it is possible to count on the support of digital channels, which provide hundreds of new opportunities every day.

In 2023, there were 58 million companies on LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networking platforms in the world. 

If this number reveals, on the one hand, that organizations recruit more and more through digital media, on the other it shows that finding a job online is increasingly easier.

More and more people are searching for vacancies online and applying on job platforms. But are they making the most of this medium?

Learn how to optimize your online job search to make your application stand out, not miss any opportunities and impress recruiters!


Is looking for a job online a good idea?

Searching for a job online allows you to save time, find a greater variety of vacancies and opportunities and reduce costs with transport, CV printing and other resources.

Furthermore, it is possible to filter the search by area of interest, type of time and location, which can be very useful.

For example, when using the Employment Exchange Platform To look for a job online in Tourism and Hospitality, you can specify the function, position, company and region, or choose a category.

Other benefits include security of published ads, since they come from partner companies, the possibility of receiving vacancy alerts by email, follow up application via chat and access your application history.

5 tips for finding a job online

Registering on a specialized employment platform in your area makes it easier to search for career opportunities that are more aligned with your goals and skills. 

Not only do you have access to a wide range of organizations that are recruiting, but it also increases the visibility of your profile and CV to potential recruiters and employers who may not be advertising vacancies publicly.

Discover 5 essential tips to get recruiters’ attention and get to the interview stage!


1. Create a complete and attractive profile

Firstly, fill out all sections of your profile, including personal details, professional experience, training and skills, with accurate and up-to-date information. 

It is also recommended to add your CV as a PDF so recruiters can analyze it carefully and download it.

2. Use relevant keywords

Be sure to include keywords related to your position and area of interest in your profile and resume. This is a key strategy for getting found in recruiters' and employers' search results.

3. Activate job alerts

Configure your account to receive online job notifications, personalized by you, by email automatically and constantly. This saves time when searching for a job and doesn't miss out on the last opportunities.

4. Personalize the application

Adapt your CV and cover letter for each application, taking the opportunity to highlight specific qualifications for the position and reveal how you can be an added value to the organization in question.

5. Follow up

After submitting your application, don't forget to follow up with recruiters, asking where you are in the recruitment process and whether you need to provide more information. This reveals enthusiasm and professional ethics.

How to take advantage of the Employment Exchange Platform? 5 essential steps

Want to speed up your online job search and ensure you're making the most of all the tools you have at your disposal to reach recruiters? 

Find out how to leverage the use of the Employment Exchange Platform to land the right opportunity!


1. Complete your profile

Only by registering on the platform can you apply for vacancies and access other features. 

For register on the platform, click the “Register” button in the top right corner of the website. Then, you must create your username, password, indicate your email and accept the Privacy Policy.

Then move on to the next step, which is fill in your profile with personal data, such as name, location, age, experience and professional training. 

We recommend that you fill in the mandatory and non-mandatory information, so that your profile is as complete as possible and that recruiters do not have any questions.

2. Add a CV or more

To create a resume, go to “Resumes” and click “Add resume”. Within this area, fill in the mandatory and suggested fields that make sense to you. At the bottom of the page, click “Preview” and then “Publish CV”.

It is possible to create more than one resume with different information. This can be very useful if you want to apply for different positions and professional areas!

To update an existing CV, go back to the “Resumes” section and click on “Edit” on the right side of the CV you want to change. Then just save it.

Don't forget to attach your CV in PDF. This is a way for recruiters to save your CV when you apply, so that later they can analyze it carefully and make the final decision.

3. Take advantage of advanced search

There are three ways you can use to search for a job on the platform. You can do this through the Homepage, the “Search for vacancies” page or in the “I am a Candidate” section of the Menu.

Furthermore, you can filter your search by multiple fields, that includes:

  • Keyword (ex: Waiter);

  • Profissional area;

  • Region;

  • Type of contract.


4. Activate job alerts

By activating job alerts, you receive personalized notifications, every week, of vacancies that meet your interests and searches. To do part of the first candidates showing interest in a vacancy can be an advantage! 

To create an alert, you must go to your personal panel, click on “Alerts” and then on “Create Alert”. Within this area, customize the available fields and start receiving emails.

5. Find out how to manage your applications

There is still one more step to ensure that your application is not forgotten and your chances of success are real! 

Two weeks after submitting the application, contact recruiters via chat to follow up application and ask what status it is in.

Check your application history on the platform to know when to follow up or to remember a vacancy when you receive a response.

Finally, be patient and persistent! If you follow these steps, sooner or later, you will obtain positive results.

Don't miss the next vacancy!

Keep up to date with the latest vacancies published on Employment Exchange Platform and find the job you always wanted!

To optimize your online job search, create one or more resumes, add the desired resume when submitting your application and send a personalized message, activate job alerts via email, and track your applications.

The next opportunity doesn't escape you!