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Imagem mostra a interação entre os representantes de uma empresa e o público no stand da feira da Bolsa de Empregabilidade. Isto demonstra uma das vantagens da participação em eventos offline: o contacto com o seu público-alvo.

7 advantages of participating in offline events for your company

Contrary to what many think, offline marketing is not dying. On the contrary, it continues to hold its own and remains an important strategy to cover all points of contact with the public and ensure greater reach.

Find out why and what are the advantages of participating in offline events. From increasing notoriety in the industry to attracting customers and partners, there are several benefits.

Contrary to what many think, offline marketing is not dying. On the contrary, it continues to play a role and is an important strategy to cover all points of contact with the public and ensure greater reach.

Therefore, the ideal is not to choose between online and offline. Using both strategies, depending on the objectives, translates into more efficient practice. And if the objective is to apply the networking with a view to future opportunities, participating in offline events can be a differentiating factor when choosing the best strategy.

Events like conferences, congresses, lectures, workshops and other meetings, serve as a showcase for professionals and companies to showcase their products and what they do best, in addition to providing contact with other colleagues and partners within the same area of activity.

Participating in these meetings brings unique advantages and guarantees a reach that is not fully covered by digital presence. Discover the advantages of participating in offline events for your business.

What are the advantages of participating in offline and corporate events

1. Sharing solutions and knowledge

Have you ever missed opportunities due to lack of knowledge? Maybe you're looking for better marketing tools or a more efficient financial process, you may already have an idea of what you want, but be confused about the next step to take.

Generally the Internet is a good place to find out, the only drawback is the excess of data and sources available. To make an informed choice, it is often important to hear the opinion of someone who has dealt with their pain and managed to overcome it.. And this opportunity may arise in offline events.

By participating in these types of events, you will be able to talk personally to companies that offer products and services in your area of activity to discover new things and understand the pros and cons of their offers. The experiences of others will not only serve as inspiration, but also as a lesson not to make the same mistakes.

2. Networking opportunities

It is never enough to reinforce the importance of Networking. Every opportunity taken to apply it is worth its weight in gold, and events that bring together hundreds and thousands of professionals and companies in the same area are no exception. At these events you are more than authorized to take your business card out of your pocket and hand it out to new contacts you make. There is time to talk about the news, ask questions and make new professional friends

3. New businesses and partnerships

Registering for these events usually has an associated cost, whether it is to display your brand on a customizable stand, or to guarantee the participation of some of your employees. For this reason, anyone who participates in them expects a return on their investment. And one of the biggest returns that can be obtained is undoubtedly the formation of partnerships and agreements, with a view to boosting the business.

Being part of these events offers the advantage of knowing that other participants have the same interests and are also looking for opportunities, which facilitates communication and sharing of problems and solutions.

4. Closer contact with customers

This is a good way to get to know the reality of your customers. Personal interaction encourages more direct contact and the possibility of immediate feedback. Conversations that may arise regarding the needs and opinions of consumers and prospects (potential customers) are an extra to the analysis of online behavior and can reveal new information.

With the new information obtained in these face-to-face meetings, it is easier to know what needs to be improved in your products and define an improved strategy.

5. Optimization of the sales process

Companies know that one of the advantages of participating in offline events is being able to meet customers and potential consumers.

This represents not only an opportunity to get to know them personally, but also to strengthen your business relationship with them., and, as a last objective, to optimize the sales process. Take the opportunity to notify your customers when you participate in an event and increase the chances of being contacted by them.

6. Brand Promotion

Whatever the type of event, this is an opportunity to reach new professionals and companies within your company in an environment favorable to entrepreneurship and the exchange of ideas. Therefore, use personalized stands to promote your brand, show all the advantages of your products, and don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your business to potential partners and customers.

7. Learning and updating knowledge

These events are not just for making contacts. Participating in lectures, workshops, classes and other events where knowledge is distributed offers another of the advantages of participating in offline events: add intellectual capital and update professionals on new practices and market trends.

Many of these events are presented and bring together important figures in the market, from whom we can learn valuable lessons.

Where to start?

So, to summarize, the advantages of participating in offline events allow you to increase business visibility and generate opportunities to share knowledge, form partnerships and make sales. Do you already have your events calendar created for next year?

A Bolsa de Empregabilidade Every year it organizes job fairs, lectures, training and other initiatives linked to entrepreneurship in Tourism. The objective is to connect professionals and boost the sector. Whatever your objective, you will find several business opportunities at our events.